This message is pronounced by Madam INGABIRE Assoumpta Minister of State in charge of Social Affairs in MINALOC, today when NCPD in collaboration with UNDP is launching the ONE UN disability platform partner conference and starting training of NCPD newly elected members elected in November 202.

In his opening remarks, Madam INGABIRE Assoumpta thanked UNDP stakeholders and the UN in particular for all the support towards the protection and promotion of Persons with Disability rights and adds that It is a good opportunity to learn about the progress of activities and recent developments related to UN’s work on disability and it is also an occasion to identify priorities that UN can help to address in the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. She informs the participants that Rwanda initiated the program to empower and support Persons with Disabilities. Since Rwanda ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) in 2008, the country has made progress in protecting the rights of Persons with Disabilities through legislative reforms where the concept of “Leave no one behind” is at the center of every planning. In May 2021, the National policy for disability and inclusion was approved by the Cabinet, which is a great milestone building on the implementation of NST1 that calls for mainstreaming of disability in all sectors including health, education, and social protection among others.

The launch of the United Nations Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities coincides with the training of NCPD newly elected Executive Committees, whereby NCPD newly elected committees will be trained on:  International and national legal framework regarding the rights of Persons with Disabilities, understand their responsibilities as NCPD elected Executive Committee and learn technics of Lobbying and Advocacy for Issues affecting Persons with Disabilities.

The Resident Representatives of UNDP MAXELL Gomera said that in our homes, families, and villages, in Rwanda and beyond we have a lot of people who are identified only about their disability. Across the world, about 15% (more than equivalent to 1 billion people) of the total world population (7.9 billion) have some form of disability, 80% of these live-in developing countries like Rwanda. They are poorer health outcomes, lower educational achievements, less economic, political, and cultural participation, higher rates of poverty, increased dependency, and less legal protection. Also, He said that it is the duty of everyone and the state to make them live a fulfilling life. The Resident Representatives of UNDP MAXELL Gomera added: “We can and we must remove the barriers for Persons with Disabilities are facing and ensure that the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities does not remain an aspiration but become a reality.”

NCPD has 18.200 Executive Committee members, but only 252 committee members from the National to Provincial level and 200 from Sector to Cell level will be trained. It will be grateful if we get the means to train all committee members up to the Cell level to allow them to play their role to support the improvement of socio-economic conditions of Persons with Disabilities.