The National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC),   are organizing   the 3rd Regional Workshop on Disabilities from 8-9th February 2018 at Lemigo Hotel. The workshop has been launched by the Honorable Rusiha Gaston Member of Parliament represent persons with Disabilities.

The participants are the members of The National Councils of Persons with Disabilities from East Africa Community Countries. The main objectives of the workshop are to fulfill the responsibility of the National Councils of Persons with Disabilities of East Africa Countries, a cooperative network and coordination among National Councils of the East African Community, sharing their own expertise and supporting each other. During the 3rd Regional workshop each National Council will present the achievements of each NC after the 2nd Regional Workshop took place in August 2016; the discussions will be how to establish prudent coordination mechanisms at EAC level as a common platform portal for sharing information; To enhance coordination of interventions for Persons with Disabilities in EAC Countries and to promote regional cooperation and partnership with relevant organizations of Persons with Disabilities. During the meeting the coordination committee on disability affairs is established at EAC level. There will be approximately 100 participants attending the workshop including Rwanda and members from EAC