The Honorable Doctor Alvera Mukabaramba, the Minister of State for Community Development and Social Affairs in Ministry of Local Government chaired the meeting with NCPD staff on 21 September 2017.  In this meeting, the Minister of state Dr. Alvera Mukabaramba said that the main objective is to look the overview of the progress activities of National Council of Persons with Disability since it was established in 2012.  The Executive Secretary of National Council of with Disabilities Emmanuel Ndayisaba presented the Progress on:

Policy of Persons with Disabilities and said nowadays NCPD is drafting Rwanda National Policy for Persons with Disabilities and informed the Minister that the full policy will be available in the beginning of 2018. In order to achieve its mandate and responsibilities, NCPD is working closely with different stakeholders (Private& Public) in programs promoting the welfare of Persons with Disabilities. From 2014-2016, 154,236 Persons were categorized and the cards are transferred to the beneficiaries in countrywide.  For raising awareness, the Executive Secretary of NCPD requested the State Minister to allow him organize a training to  all Vice Mayors in Charge of Social welfare in mainstreaming and inclusion of persons with Disabilities. For Fiscal Year 2016/2017 the budget execution was implemented on rate of 94% and the implementation of performance is 95%. The gap of implementation is caused by the staff who deserted at end of fiscal Year 2016/2017. NCPD also sensitized rights of persons with disabilities with police justice system in all Country and Lawyers. In 2017/2018 NCPD  will conduct an impact assessment of achievements of NCPD in five years from its establishment, create also ICT center providing information and IT capacity to PwDs and will also support the vulnerable people, categorized PwDs. The challenges hindering NCPD is the lack of budget as said by the NCPD Executive Secretary Emmanuel NDAYISABA.

In his closing remarks, the State Minister MUKABARAMBA said that MINALOC will continue to work closely with NCPD.