The National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) in collaboration with National Union of Disabilities originations (NUDOR) and Volunteers Overseas (VSO) conducted the assessment for Ikiraro project “Inclusive Rwanda for Persons with Disabilities” in Musanze and Nyanza Districts. The team members are conducting the evidence generation activities on the theme of how Persons with disabilities benefit the Vision Umurenge Program. During the assessment, the team members met the respondents (persons with Disabilities) benefiting VUP and non-benefiting VUP, the respondents said that the VUP is useful somehow because through VUP the beneficiaries get domestics animals, foods,…etc even though the VUP is useful for PwD the challenges still hindering persons with disabilities like the accessibilities for persons with Physical Disabilities   who   couldn’t attend some places. For benefiting the VUP Persons with Disabilities requesting the authorities to facilitate them to work accordingly the type of Disability.

The main objectives of this assessment are to generate the evidence on Persons with Disabilities benefit the VUP. This Ikiraro Pilot project will cover one year (2017) in Musanze and Nyanza District. The hall project will cover all country in next five years. The objectives of hall project are inclusive Rwanda for persons with Disabilities.