On 28 December 2012, Children with disabilities gathered at NPC Gymnasium to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This event was organized by National Council of Persons with Disabilities in Collaboration with VSO and TUBAKUNDE.

Centers that take care for children with disabilities played a key role to organize children and to help them to reach the celebration venue. Those are: IZERE MUBYEYI, AGHR, RERABOSE, AVEH UMURERWA, JYA MU BANDI, INSHUTI ZACU, HUMURA, HIRWA IWANYU, AMIZERO, CEFAPEK, UMWANA NK’ABANDI, BYIRINGIRO, HVP GATAGARA.

Among the dignitaries who were present to the event included the Representative of Persons with disabilities in East African Assembly, Mr. Ndahiro James who presided over the ceremonies as the Guest of Honor.

In his welcoming speech, the President of National Council of Persons with disabilities, Mr. RUSIHA Gastone reminded the theme of this year: “Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all” which has been stipulated as follows: ‘’Remove barriers and violence done against children with disabilities”. He took this opportunity to express his gratitude to Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), National Paralympics Committee (NPC) and Children Talents Rwanda for their support to the success of the celebration day.


Speaking on behalf of children with disabilities, Miss Chemsa expressed thanks to the Government of Rwanda for establishing laws protecting persons with disabilities especially for putting in place the National Council of Persons with Disabilities. She highlighted the problems that hinder children with disabilities from enjoying their rights as children such as family violence, education, ….

The executive secretary who was also present at the event insisted on the role of advocacy done by parents themselves. In this line, parents who have children with disabilities had gathered and had formed groups where they shared their experience and advocate for their children’ rights.  

‘’MINEDUC recognizes children with disabilities as children who are able and we do all the best to remove barriers to facilitate them to access to education services’’ The MINEDUC Representative said.

Speaking at the occasion, the Representative of Persons with disabilities in East African Assembly, Mr. Ndahiro James urged children to be optimists and to have hope in order to be able to kwihesha agaciro.

The ceremonies were marked by sharing meal and various activities including songs, dances, sketch and talents show where 5 children who performed better than others have been awarded.

Reported by Sylivie NYIRABUGENIMANA

Disability Friendly Communication/NCPD