The Mayor of KICUKIRO District Madam Dr NYIRAHABIMANA Rose, was the Guest of Honor in the ceremonies of inauguration of Izere Mubyeyi Organization who thanked the members of the Organization for the good will that providing a special education for children with mental Disabilities which is promoting the self-resilience and facilitate the environment to promote the dignity, safe environment and recovery of Physical and psychological of child /youth with mental disabilities. The Mayor of Kicukiro District promised “Izere Mubyeyi Organisation” to advocate for the center and to invite any who have children with Mental Disabilities to come with Children in center for being rehabilitated. The center is inaugurated on 9 October 2017 by 26 members from Rhineland –Palatinate chaired by the German Minister of Local Government.  The IZERE MUBYEYI Organisationhas been founded in November 2004 by the initiative of 23 parents and friends of the children with intellectual disability, it  is located in  Kigali City, Kicukiro District , Kanombe Sector , this center has the mission of advocating  the promotion of legal, political and social status of children /youth with  intellectual disability and sustain the  capacity  building of parents and member organizations, the eradication of all forms for discrimination of persons  with disabilities is among of the mission of this Centre said Madam MUKASHYAKA  Agnes the coordinator of Izere Umubyeyi Organisation , The coordinator of the Centre presents the challenges encountered the centre like:

v  Lack of infrastructures;

v  Lack of financial and material resources for well management,

v  Low salaries of teachers and other employees.