On 20th September 2022,Humanity & Inclusion through the Gikuriro kuri Bose program supported the National Council for Persons with Disabilities with IT Equipment:  32 laptops, a smart board, 2 printers, and their accessories as well as Microsoft Office and Windows software, for a total cost of 45,000 US Dollars. The above equipment will be used by the Disability Management Information System (DMIS) staff at the National level and by District Disability Mainstreaming Officers (DMOs) to ensure better access to the DMIS data and to implement effective case management for Persons with disabilities in need. Disability Management Information System (DMIS) for inclusive Development is an innovative digital support tool for the identification & registry of all Persons with Disabilities including a Case Management support tool for the most in need. Beneficiaries (Persons with Disabilities) are all identified and NCPD will be able to express the diversity of needs, challenges, barriers, and priorities in the lives of Persons with Disabilities. The system will support the government and stakeholders in the disability sector to coordinate and well-planned, targeted, and evidence-based support plans and advocate for change towards equal participation of Persons with Disabilities in their communities and inclusive Rwanda Society. It will support the Council in its function for better decision-making, increased accountability, improved disability services delivery, and better coordination, ultimately improving living coordination for persons with disabilities in Rwanda.  The DMIS is first of its kind initiative in sub-Saharan African Countries and Rwanda could be a reference regionally.