For better inclusion & harminasition, NCPD is conducting the Disability Coordination Strategy Implementation Plan

In order to  achieve its mission, vision, goals and objectives especially in collaboration with different partners in the disability sector, the National Council of Persons   with Disabilities (NCPD) in Collaboration with the institutions working in Disability Movement like Volunteer Services over Sea  (VSO), National Union Disability Organisation in Rwanda (NUDOR) , The Umbrella of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities in the fight against HIV&AIDS and for Health Promotion (UPHLS)  and Hope and Homes for Children (HHC) is  conducting  the workshop of 4 days (from 14-18th June 2020) for developing the Disability Coordination  Strategy Implementation plan. The main objective of the  workshop focused on harmonisation for the best performance in disability inclusion. For improving a better coordination and improving  inclusion  the participants are developing the implementation plan strategy on the following sectors: Education; Health; Employment; Accessibility, transport and communication; Gender, human rights social protection.