On 19th March 2021 the National Council of Persons with Disabilities conducted the third virtual quarterly meeting, commonly named Disability Coordination Forum. The opening remarks made by Mr. Emmanuel NDAYISABA, the Executive Secretary of National Council of Persons with Disabilities who expressed his gratitude to participants who continuously work for persons with disabilities and welcomed all stakeholders from Governments, United Nations, Civil Society organisations. The presentations focused on   the achievements and on the activities which will be carried out in favour of promoting the welfare of persons with Disabilities, Mr Emmanuel Murera in charge of Mainstreaming  gave a preparation of forth  Region virtually conference on Disabilities which will  be conducted by Rwanda  National Council  of persons with disabilities from  24- 26 March 2021, and participants will be the  representatives of  the persons with Disabilities of East African Community like Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Soudan, and Dar Salam. Mr Oswald TUYIZERE   Coordinator of Family Based Care Support for Children with Disabilities/NCPD said that   the program will focus on the re-integration  of the children with Disabilities from the centres to family care, even though they need a special adaption for being re-integrated  those are 12 process to follow  Registration, Child assessment, Case plan, Family tracing, Family assessment, Case management report, Case management meeting, Placement decision, Child, family and community preparation, Child’s reunification placement, independent living, Post placement support and follow-up and Case closure.  Mr. Jacques MUCYURANYANA from Hope and Homes for Children explained the utilisation of SMS Technology as one of the solutions for PWDs, like the quick communication between NCPD and Local Government and local authorities to collaborate effectively among themselves and other stakeholders in responding to PWDs needs. In his closing remarks Mr Emmanuel NDAYISABA Executive Secretary thanked all participants who participated in the Disability Coordination Forum hoping that all institutions will continue to work hand in hand with NCPD in the promotion of the welfare of Persons with Disabilities.